attends the dawnings of reason

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The quote is from The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy.

Eustacia loves a man who is engaged another woman. The man offered her go away together because he learnt his fiancee will leave him for another man. Below you read her feelings after that offer.

What does it mean "dawnings of reason"?

"Dawning" means the beginning. So it becomes "beginning of the reason".


Her lover was no longer to her an exciting man whom many women strove for, and herself could only retain by striving with them. He was a superfluity.
She( Eustacia) went indoors in that peculiar state of misery which is not exactly grief, and which especially attends the dawnings of reason in the latter days of an ill-judged, transient love.
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    The dawning of reason means that she was gradually beginning to think objectively (as opposed to being influenced by emotion).
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