attente de la huitième feuille pour donner du rouge

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    We must wait for the eighteenth leaf to have red wine.

    But I don't understand very well this question of eighteenth leaf, eighteenth leaf of what ? I don't know


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    il s'agit de l'âge de la vigne, qui n'est pas exprimé en années, mais en "feuilles". Je ne suis pas spécialiste, mais je crois qu'une vigne de la huitième feuille est vieille de 9 ans (un an chez le pépiniériste + 8 saisons).

    Et on doit attendre que la vigne vieillisse pour faire du vin rouge, les études montrent que c'est meilleur avec une vigne âgée.


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    It has to do with rules for the production of AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) wines. There is a rule that states, approximately, that young vines are not allowed into AOC production until the eighth (not eighteenth) leaf has appeared on their trunk.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure this is a precisely correct statement of the rule, and I can't find anything on the Web at the moment to confirm or contradict it, but at least that's the general idea. Maybe someone else can take it another step forward.

    Edited to add: Michelvar posted his/her more complete answer as I was composing this. It seems to mean, then, that grapes from a vine less than nine years old cannot be used to produce AOC red wines.


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    I suppose it is seen like this :
    we plant the young vine,
    one spring : first time it has leaf (first leaf) >>> autumn : it loses its leaf ,
    second spring : second time it has leaf (second leaf)

    and so on.
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