attention and executive function screening device


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I posted this thread yesterday, could anyone help me with this translation?

I am trying to translate the following sentence but I can't find the appropriate words in Spanish.

This is a psycho educational evaluation and they are talking about PADDS (pediatric attention disorders diagnostic screener), below is the sentence:

PADDS: A computer administered attention and executive function screening devise that provides multiple line of evidence based predictive power regarding ADHD diagnosis. PADDS contains 3 target tests that assesses executive operations commonly in the classroom.....

Thanks for all your help!
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    (better late than never)

    On another translation site, I found "función ejecutiva", and I'm inclined to trust it, because on that site the translator was looking for the English translation of this phrase in Spanish. And yes, it was used in the same context of a psych evaluation.

    Always nice when we can trust our instincts towards literality...
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