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Could you please interpret the place about "attention span", I'm not sure I had understand it correctly:

"Arthur could always be counted on for his predatory instincts and short attention span. Hopefully, this one would last longer than wives number one and two, who had barely redecorated the house before finding their husband in bed with their successor."

Thank you in advance :)
  • Thomas Tompion

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    Traditionally attention span means the time it takes before someone loses concentration on something more or less intellectual. Here it's being used in a jokey way to mean the time it takes him to become bored with his wife.


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    In normal use, attention span refers to the period of time someone is able to concentrate on one topic. Someone with a short attention span very quickly loses interest in any particular issue and is very easily distracted by something apparently more interesting.
    Here, short attention span is used to suggest that Arthur cannot stay faithful to any woman for very long. He loses interest very quickly and moves on.
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