Attero dominatus!


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There is a song by the Swedish band Sabaton called "Attero Dominatus". It is about the fallen of Berlin at the end of WWII. The chorus is as follows:

Attero Dominatus!
Berlin is burning
Denique Interimo!
The Reich has fallen

I assume that is Latin, in the first and third lines. Could you please tell me what does it mean?
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    Hello. From the Swede wiki (talk:), it may be a case where I destroy - Destroy! are also the same in Swedish.

    A literal translation still fits a 'metal' song. In a context where Domin* commonly refers to God, "I destroy His subject... I slay it at last". But our Swedish friends likely did not mean that. :p


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    Attero dominatus! might be understood as I wear tyrannies/absolute powers away!
    Denique interimo! could be interpreted as In the end I destroy! (Although, just like destroy in English, it sounds lame without a complement)