Attestation de travail

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  1. andy222 New Member

    canada english
    What is the correct translation of this phrase in English. It is a certificate of proof of employment.
  2. diplomate Member

    Here in the UK, we call this a 'reference' from a former employer. This typically confirms the name, role and dates of employment. It can contain an opinion about the former employee's ability but this is becoming less common. So our 'reference' is becoming, in effect, an 'Attestation de travail'. Here's an example pro forma for a French language version:
    Hope this helps.
  3. elmerruffingspoon Member

    Fiji, English
    many thanks Diplomate, I was also looking for the answer to this question! the example was esp useful.
  4. lyD Member

    England, English
    diplomate is absolutely correct, but in my experience the attestation is required in different circumstances to a reference. A reference is usually required from a previous employer in order to get a new job, whereas an attestation is one of the numerous documents required in France to, for example, open a bank account. It is a proof of your current employment rather than previous employment. I don't think there is an exact English translation, but "certificate of employment" or "proof of employment" (but probably not "certificate of proof of employment", which essentially says the same thing twice) should work.
  5. elmerruffingspoon Member

    Fiji, English
    interesting, thank you for adding this... in my case, it's a swiss organisation that has asked me for one of these.

    It can hardly be a full "reference" in the anglo way of thinking because the job interview process needs to be confidential.

    What I wonder is, based on this message I received from a prospective employer: "nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir des copies de vos attestations de travail soit par email", are they asking for multiple certificates - "des/vos" - (for each of the jobs on my CV), or just the current job?

  6. lyD Member

    England, English
    In this case it does indeed seem that they might be asking for references from previous employers. In fact, I am told by the French lawyer in my office that "attestation" can be used for this purpose :) I think it would be best to wait for a native to answer you!
  7. elmerruffingspoon Member

    Fiji, English
    thank you.

    I'd really appreciate a native speaker's take on what exactly this sentence is asking for: "nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir des copies de vos attestations de travail soit par email, soit par fax"
    is it certificates, references, or some hybrid of the two - and is it for the current job or all recent ones?

  8. veryshy Senior Member

    Morocco/ Arabic
    Une ettestation de travail is required when an employee wants to have a credit or to go through some contractions! He needs to prove that he is working and earning money. We use for this also "un certificat de salaire" when we want to know the amount one is earning per month or per week, to be sure he will be able to pay back !
  9. mahdouch New Member

    france / french
    "Employment verification letter" is the accurate term in US for "attestation de travail"
    I tried once to get this letter by saying that I need a "work certificate or certification" and they didn't understand me.

  10. elmerruffingspoon Member

    Fiji, English
    cher mahdouch,
    thank you.
    what i do now to explain to my anglo former employers is to describe what you've written and also include an example so they 'get it'. that usually seems to work.

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