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    Hi, this is the sentence:
    "La dichiarazione ha attinto gravemente l'onore, il decoro e la reputazione professionale dei querelanti.
    My translation is:
    "The statement has seriously drawn on the honour, the dignity and the professional reputation of the plaintiffs".
    The context is legal, please can anybody help, because I am not sure I am rendering the real meaning of that "attinto-drawn on". Thanks for your help!
  2. Bookmom

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    I think you are looking for something like danneggiato la reputazione, damaged the reputation/standing, il buon nome di, damaged the good name of... Serious legal terms in English include libel and slander, I'm not sure you are looking for language that is that severe.

    Blue skies, Bookmom

    ps impuned, besmirched, sullied are similar
  3. nenugatt Member

    Manchester, UK
    Italy Italian
    Thank you!

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