au cœur de la diversification alimentaire


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J'essaye de dire "les Blédines sont au coeur de la diversification alimentaire"

My try is : "Blédines are at the heart of alimentary diversification".
The problem is that it doesn't sounds like really professional to write that.
Thanks for your help !!!
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    I think "at the heart of" is fine. But if you want a synonym, how about "at the center of"?
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    I know this thread is very old now, but just wanted to leave a note for anyone looking for "diversification alimentaire" to specify that this term usually refers to the process of introducing solids to babies, especially in this case as Blédina makes baby food. I live in France and recently did "diversification alimentaire" with my own baby, but from what I've read and seen and heard in English we don't usually talk about diversification as it relates to baby food. We say introducing solid foods, introducing solids, introducing baby foods, adding solid food to the diet, first foods, even baby-led weaning (which is what we did, though it's a bit of a misnomer because in US English weaning technically means giving up milk, whereas in the UK it means adding complementary foods).

    Hope that helps someone in the future!


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    Thanks djoy74, yes, your response helped me! In the context I have, this is the meaning I'd understood, but needed confirmation of my interpretation, so thanks for helpfully providing it!