1. Lanimoise New Member

    France (French)

    I need to translate "Au coeur du parc et à deux pas du Châteu de Versailles".

    As I don't really know how to translate "à deux pas", my draft would be :
    "In the heart of the Park of Versailles and very close to the famous Palace".

    I also have a doubt for "in the heart of"...:(

  2. AnnieF

    AnnieF Senior Member

    English - British
    Hi Lanimoise

    I think your translation is fine. Other suggestions for 'à deux pas' might be

    - only a few steps from
    - a short walk from
  3. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    Je trouve "the famous Palace" un peu surtraduit et surqualifié. We English people know it as the Chateau of Versailles. And we know it's famous!

    Vous pouvez dire "At the heart of the Park of Versailles and just a stone's throw from the Chateau" or "Just a stone's throw from the Chateau of Versailles, at the heart of its Park".

    Incidentally, you don't "have a doubt for" but you are doubtful about ...

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