au début du dossier


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The phrase I want to translate in (into?) English is the following ;

"La raison pour laquelle je ne vous ai pas demandé ce document au début du dossier, est qu'il ne semblait pas nécessaire jusqu'à ce que..."

"The reason why I did not ask you this document in the fisrt place / to start with / to begin with / when we started working on your case, is that I did not think it would be necesssary until...".

I pretty sure about the last one. I think the first one, if it works, might be informal. I am not sure about the two in the middle
  • SwissPete

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    Any one of your expressions works. It depends on the level of formality you want to use.

    BTW: I would drop the why near the beginning of the sentence, and add for before this document.
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