au fait en matière de ...

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  1. charlie2 Senior Member

    The following sentence comes from here, the paragraph starting with Autres vertus essentielles de....
    How do we translate au fait en matière de something?
    Thank you.
  2. Charlie I would say /not so clever and about those mental paste/.../ they are not really versed ...
  3. deeosama Member

    france, french
    "être au fait de quelquechose" = to be aware about something

    not really aware about 35€ organic toothpaste.
  4. Aupick

    Aupick Senior Member

    Strasbourg, France
    UK, English
    A few suggestions:

    ...clueless about organic toothpaste at €35 a tube.
    ...not really on top of their €35-a-tube organic toothpaste.
    ...lost when it comes to €35-a-tube organic toothpaste.
  5. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Your typos are funny ;)
  6. charlie2 Senior Member

    Thank you for a whole menu of great suggestions.:)

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