Au large des côtes

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    how would you translate "au large des côtes" in English?

    That's the beginning of a sentence and the text is about wind turbines.

    Au large des côtes, le vent est plus fort et plus stable, et la visibilité des éoliennes s'en trouve bien sûr réduite.

    The title for this paragraph is:

    Eoliennes en mer : l'offshore

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  2. Skyleia New Member

    Could it be simply "offshore"?
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    I guess so. Could you give another context in which Au large des côtes would be used?
  4. wildan1

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    Yes, as an adverb: "Off-shore, ...."
    or Off the coast...; Out from the coastline....
  5. Skyleia New Member

    Thanks a lot!

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