au niveau du palier bas


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Translation french (FR) to english EU.
elevator technology /mechanical engineering.

Positionnement de la machine, des armoires de commande et du limiteur au niveau du palier bas

Does this mean lowest level, bottom landing or bearing assembly?

it's not that technical but has a few terms i don't know very well.
  • Keith Bradford

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    It depends. Does this machine have a vertical rotating part? If so, this will be carried on a lower bearing (the frictionless component, ball-race or whatever at the base of it).

    On the other hand, if the machine has a component that travels up and down, it will be brought to a halt by some kind of sensor or travel limiter at its top and bottom position.

    Given that you're talking about elevators (AE) or lifts (BE), I'd guess prima facie at the second option.

    Ignore au niveau du - this simply means 'at'.



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    yes, that much i niveau du means nothing but AT.

    i think it might probably be the lowest or bottom position or landing.
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