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Hi there,

I'm writing an email to the accomodation staff of my university, replying to a room offer.

I would like to ask if there is more noise at? in? the first floor than at? in? the others, but I don't know what is the preposition to use.

My sentence is : I heard that some students complained that there is sometimes more noise at/in the first floor than in the others (...).

Btw can I say "noisier" ? Or should a say more noisy ?

Thanks for your help !
  • MHastings

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    In this case, you should say "on the first floor".

    "Noisier" and "more noisy" are both acceptable. Or, you could avoid that issue altogether and use "louder".


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    Hi B.P.O.

    It should be "on" the first floor.

    And "noisier" is more correct to my mind than "more noisy".

    Hope that helps.
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