au sol des aéronefs.

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  1. birder

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    In the maintenance manual for a piece of electrical equipment we have:

    Le matériel décrit dans cette notice est destiné à être installé, utilisé et entretenu exclusivement par des personnes autorisées et qualifiées en basse tension et ayant les connaissances suffisantes concernant l’alimentation électrique au sol des aéronefs.Can anyone help me with the bit in bold, please? Thank you.
  2. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    What are you finding difficult about it? It seems completely literal to me.
  3. Michelvar

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    Marseille - France
    the idea is : ....l'alimentation électrique des aéronefs, lorsqu'ils sont au sol.

    power supply of airplanes when they are not flying (not a translation, an explanation)
  4. birder

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    OK -- Michelvar thank you. :)

    .... electrical feed when the aircraft are on the ground.

    Even though I have been a pilot for many years, I was wondering what the "ground of an aircraft" was supposed to mean (particularly since there is also the term "electrical ground" that fits elsewhere in this document). :rolleyes:

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