aucune précaution n’épargnera à notre mémoire


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How would you translate the following:

Je crois qu’aucune précaution n’épargnera à notre mémoire, le cas échéant, l’offense ou le ridicule qu’une vieille correspondance peut infliger. On excuse à l’avance des héritiers de les étouffer, ou de le tenter.

My attempt is: I believe that no precaution will save our memory, if necessary, offence or the ridiculous one that an old correspondence can inflict. One excuses in advance of the heirs to choke them, or to try it.

Is this correct? Thanks.
  • Geordie_Wilber

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    If we're still talking about old letters being sold after our death and the problems it can cause, I'd suggest

    "No precaution will spare our memory from" or
    "No precautions can spare our memories from"
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