audience? assistance? number of worshippers?


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Happy Monday and help!

I'm drawing a complete blank here. What is the correct word to refer to the people who come to Mass, the ones in the pews? I'm translating from French and the English just won't come... Here is the sentence:

A large _________, made up mostly of local Christians and Westerners resident in Jerusalem, [met/came together/was assembled] at Saint Anne's Church to celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Who are these people? An assembly? An assistance? A number of worshippers?

Thank you, and let's hope that my brain engages at some point today!
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    Hello. I think the word you are looking for is "congregation", and i think they "assembled" tout court.

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    Hi Firefox,
    Parishioners? Would they not have to belong to a Parish to be parishioners? Does Jerusalem have Parishes?


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    Does Jerusalem have Parishes?
    Well, I had parishioners in parentheses in order to make room for visitors-- and pilgrims. But if there is an established church in Jerusalem (and there is/are) and resident Christians (and there are, in abundance)-- then there are Parishes in that city. I would not be surprised if there were a See. The Coptics and Orthodox Churches both have Patriarchs there, implying the existence of their equivalent of a Bishopric and/or Parishes. Patriarchies, I'd guess. And even in the post-Meir Era, there are doubtless many a matriarchy in Jerusalem as well.

    To get technical and small-p protestant about it, there is a church wherever any small number gather in His name, n'est-ce pas? Or his Mother's, for that matter. Who's to quibble over calling its membership a parish or a congregation or a roster of cosmic game-show winners on an all-paid pray-sure cruise?

    Oh, welcome to the forums, difficult cuss-- by the sound of you a person after my job here, if not my own heart.


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    Congregation. Assembled. Got it. Thank you.

    (Of course we have parishes in Jerusalem. Parishes for different rites in different locations, and special parishes by language groups. However, this basilica is not a parish church, so the people who came to this special Mass were not its parishioners.)

    Thank you to everyone for your help.

    EDIT: And more than a See -- the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for us RCs and Aremenian, Coptic, Greek, Ethiopian and Russian Orthodox and other patriarchates for the other Churches. There are also Anglican and Lutheran bishops. Jerusalem lacks a lot of things: clergy is NOT one of them.
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