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Preschoolers are excluded from the audience pool for a lot of "children's" programs.

piscine publique ? :D

les enfants d'âge préscolaire sont exclus de ??? d'audience pour ce qui est appelé des émissions...

I can't think of anything. Groupe, catégorie, partie, none of these seem to translate it exactly.

Pool here is like one of many groupings of the audience.
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    Well, yes and no. To my knowledge, a "panel" is just fix in its composition (you try to have people from every social group you're running your survey on, with different ages... as far as it's possible - you won't ask a 80-year-old man if your survey is focused on children). But people from the panel aren't necessarly always the same people.
    What is the context? This "audience pool" relates to what exactly, opinion poll, Nielsen ratings, focus group?
    No, none of these. It's more like the age target of the programs. So although a lot of television series are said to be for "children," they really aren't meant for preschoolers. "Children" here is like a subdivision of the audience, a subdivision delimitated by age categories. I guess subdivision is the best word I can think offhand that matches pool here.

    Is it clearer, now?


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    Ne conserverait-on pas l'idée en disant que
    de nombreux programmes prétendument destinés aux enfants ne conviennent pas aux préscolaires ?


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    OK, so it's the nature of the program itself that excludes preschoolers. I wasn't clear on that. So how about,

    Les préscolaires sont exclus de l'auditoire cible d'un bon nombre de soi-disant émissions pour enfants.

    Sinon, je suis d'accord pour la réécriture suggérée par Cath.
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