Audio Junior is 2 years old!


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Well, AudioJnr, it's been two years now since I saw your beautiful eyes for the first time. It was then that it dawned on me that my life was going to change. To tell you the truth, I was petrified. I asked myself a very simple question: "Will I be able to handle the situation?" Now the answer appears to be as plain as the nose on my face. Although it's sometimes extremely difficult to cope with you crying without any "apparent" reason, with you scattering all your toys all around the flat, and my getting up at the crack of dawn to give you a bottle of your milk, your one smile makes up for it all!!!

Although you're just two years old, you seem to have become a regular member of this forum. Every time I'm doing something in this place, you always sit on my lap and try to turn the computer off -- usually with success.:)

So, since it's your birthday today, I wish you all the best!!! Make your dreams come true, and be the happiest man in the world. One day, I believe, your English will be far better than your father's. Unlike me, you seem to have an ear for languages, so don't follow my steps, but learn English as much as as you can when you're so young! Sooner or later you'll read this message, and you'll probably find some mistakes.:)

All the best, AudioJnr, my only light in this dark and gloomy world....

Your father
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    We need more daddys like you in the world!

    Happy birthday, lucky Polish baby, from an American whose blood came from Krakow.