auditoría informándoles

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  1. birder

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    se procedid a explicar la metodologia de la auditoría informándoles que una vez se detectaran oportunidades de mejoramtento

    Informative audit? Sounds very strange in English. Help, please.
  2. Entre Dos Mundos Senior Member

    German/Spanish Latin America
    Hi birder!

    There's a comma missing in your sentence, and that's why it doesn't make sense:
    Se procedió a explicar la metodología de la auditoría, informándoles...
    Auditing methods were explained, informing them that once...
  3. ETcallHome Senior Member

    Spanish - Mexico
    The problem is that you're trying to stick together the wrong elements:

    In the sentence la metodología de la auditoría is a complete and independent noun.

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