auditoria de gestion

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  1. jOnAtHaZ

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    hi, hope you can help me out here. here's the context:

    Entre los temas que se tratarán están la estrategia de marca, previsión de tendencias, investigación del consumidor, auditoria de gestión y estrategia de negocios.

    My attemp:

    Among the subjects to discuss, there are the trademark strategy, trends prevision, consumer investigation, internal audit and business strategy.

    PD: please feel free to correct any other part of the sentence, I'd appreciate it very much.
  2. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Among the subjects to be discussed are the following: brand strategy, trend forecasting, consumer research and quality assurance.
  3. evitap

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    As far as I know, Fenixpollo, 'auditoría de gestión' y 'estrategia de negocios' no es 'quality assurance'. Gestión de Calidad si es Quality Assurance.

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