auf/in/an der Strasse

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  1. popotla Senior Member

    British English
    I still don't get it! ........... auf der Strasse gelaufen, .......... in der Strasse gelaufen, der Strasse gelaufen: on the internet I find them all. What is the difference?
  2. Beurne New Member

    German - Austria
    Hi popotla,
    "auf der Straße gelaufen", means "ran on the street", which is the correct way of saying it and describes the very physical aspect of running on the street, "in der Straße gelaufen" would mean "ran inside of the street" or just "in the street", which doesn't really make sense that way (however, "in den Straßen" is again different, meaning "in the streets"), but is grammatically possible and sometimes applicable and "an der Straße gelaufen" isn't really possible, as "an" usually means "at" something.

    Basically "auf" is the English "on" and "in" is the English "in", whilst "an" would be "at". So the same rules apply.

    I hope this is not too confusing :)
  3. Glockenblume Senior Member

    Deutsch (Hochdeutsch und "Frängisch")
    an could be possible in some contextes when you want to express something like directly aside (this expression is no translation, it's an explanation).
    Jemand ist an der Straße entlanggelaufen.
  4. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    "An der Straße laufen" could be used in the following context:
    Child is balancing on the curb/kerb.
    Mother to her child: Lauf nicht so nah an der Straße, das ist gefährlich. Das ist eine Hauptstraße, die Autos fahren hier sehr schnell.

    I agree with Glockenblume and with Beurne about "auf der Straße laufen".
  5. popotla Senior Member

    British English
    Thanks for comments.

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