auf schier unglaubliche Weise ad absurdum führten

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    Der Film basiert auf einem Kunstprojekt, innerhalb dessen zwei Ztohoven-Mitglieder auf schier unglaubliche Weise die Bürokratie ad absurdum führten

    I'm not sure how to translate the final part of this sentence. None of the given translations for "aufführen" seem to fit.

    The film is based on an art project in which 2 Ztohoven members document the sheer unbelievable bureaucracy....
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    This is not the separable verb aufführen. auf here governs the noun Weise (" a wholly unbelievable fashion..."), and the subject of the subordinate clause (Mitglieder) brought, or led, the bureaucracy to the point of absurdity.
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    Thank you for clearing that up.
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    ... revealed the absurdity of the bureaucracy.

    XXX ad absurdum führen is a set phrase meaning to reveal the absurdity of XXX or to portray XXX as absurd.

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