Aufbau und Ablauf [eines Termins]

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    I'm translating a guide for organising a corporate training activity and there is a section dedicated to the 'Vorbereitungstermin' (which I am calling a 'preparatory meeting'), where initial preparations are made - e.g. fixing the activity date, participant list etc. The stages of this preparatory meeting are then broken down into: Organisation Vorbereitungstermin, Aufbau [VT], Ablauf [VT] and Organisation [training activity]. The 2 middle stages both seem to fall under 'Durchführung des Vorbereitungstermins'.

    I am struggling to express Aufbau and Ablauf in this context - would it indicate structuring [the meeting] (i.e. list of agenda items etc.) and conducting [the meeting] (i.e. working through agenda and reaching conclusions)?

    Would appreciate any suggestions :)
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    I think you've got the idea.

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