aufjedenfall (auf jeden Fall)

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by James Bates, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. James Bates Banned

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    I came across the following:

    "Wenn ich zu deinem Haus kommen würde würdest du mit mir kommen oder nicht?" Sie hat gesagt dass sie aufjedenfall mit mir gehen würde.

    I couldn't find "aufjedenfall" in the dictionary, but I'm guessing this translates as "'If I came/were to come to your house would you come with me or not?' She said she would come with me under all circumstances."

    Could a native help me out?
  2. Sowka

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    Hi James Bates :)

    This should be three separate words: auf jeden Fall.

    (But there's an amazing number of google hits written as one word!). *) Your interpretation of the meaning is correct. :)

    *) Maybe that's because people mix it up with the correct word jedenfalls.

    PS: The sentences should read: "Wenn ich zu deinem Haus kommen würde, würdest du mit mir kommen oder nicht?" Sie hat gesagt, dass sie auf jeden Fall mit mir gehen würde.
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  3. idialegre Senior Member

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    "Auf jeden Fall" is used so often these days with the meaning of "Oh, yes", or "Yes indeed" that if I hear it once more I think I will scream! Listen to any German talk show and you will hear almost every second question answered with "Auf jeden Fall!"

    Anybody share my pain?
  4. Hutschi

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    It seems to be a word building process. Many do not think about the single words but consider it as one word.

    In the similar word "jedenfalls" the words are merged together already in the standard language.

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