aufs leere Tor

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  1. Soraze Member


    why is it "aufs" here? is auf das leere Tor the same? and why is it leer"e" ?

    "schoss 30,40 Mal aufs leere Tor"

    Danke schön
  2. Arukami Senior Member

    aufs is short for auf das. Same goes for ins (in das) and stuff.

    Tor -> neutral gender
    auf -> dative/accusative -> accusative in this case
    => leere

    Er schoss 30- bis 40-mal aufs leere Tor.
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  3. L'irlandais

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    Thanks Arukami,
    Perhaps it's because I'm not a native speaker, but without knowning that the context was football, I was struggling with what "tor" meant here.
  4. Soraze Member

    Thanks a lot, and what is the reason to use aufs instead of auf das here?
  5. Sowka

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    Hello :)

    These shortened versions are colloquial; they are normally not used in written language. Used in written language, they give a more vivid impression to the reader (or that's at least the intention of the writers ;)).

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