Augmentatives and Diminutives

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    I came across two lists of these kinds of suffixes in two different books. One from 1837(!) and the other from 1960 something. There are a few I've never heard of and I was wondering if it was a case of having fallen out of use over the passage of time or just my inexperience of the Modern Greek language in this particular area. Can anyone tell me whether the following are "old hat" and / or if there is a modern version, please? Thanks.

    From the really old book:
    γυναικάτσα = a large woman
    ανδρίτσης = a large man
    μύταρος = large nosed
    ανθρωπάριον = a little man, dwarf
    αιγίδιον = a little goat
    μαχαιρίδιον = a little knife
    θεραπαινίς = a servant girl
    κορίσκη = a little girl > I'm guessing this one is really out of date since I've always learnt / heard / used "κοριτσάκι"
    νεανίσκος = a little boy
    αρχοντόπουλον = a young gentleman

    πικρούλος = a little bitter
    μικρούτσικος = rather small
    μεγαλούτσικος = rather large

    From the other book:
    αδερφούλης / αδερφούλα = brother / sister
    σαλατίτσα = salad
    κοπελλούδα = young girl
    αγγελούδι = little angel
    ψευταράς / ψεύταρος = big liar
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    I do not recognize γυναικάτσα, ανδρίτσης, πικρούλος; I know of γυναικάρα, πικρούλης. All the other words from the old book are known. However, today some of them exist in these forms: μυταράς (μύταρος is less common), ανθρωπάριο, the synonym κατσικάκι is used instead of αιγίδιον, μαχαιράκι, θεραπαινίδα (formal), κοριτσάκι :thumbsup: or κορούλα (= little daughter), νεαρός or as diminutive νεαρούλης, αρχοντόπουλο; μικρούτσικος, μεγαλούτσικος and all the words from the other book are common and are used as they are.
  3. Andrious Senior Member

    Alfie, have in mind that "γυναικάρα" is mainly used for a really hot woman.
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    Ah, yes, I thought I recognised that one! Thanks Andrious! And just for completeness, what would a hot man be in Greek?
  5. Andrious Senior Member

    That would be the same as for women: "άντρακλας", "παιδί", "μωρό". Of course, a female help would be helpful cause I use to talk about women :D
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    Hi Alfie:)!

    I think you can use παίδαρος/παιδαράς for a guy! I you can't, I'm sure the others will put me right;)!
  7. Andrious Senior Member

    You can use definitely "παίδαρος". As for "παιδαράς", I wouldn´t suggest to. I think it means a guy that spends hours in the gym and looks like Rambo. He may have a perfect body but he may be ugly as well.
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    Thanks very much, Andrious:)!

    Can you use 'ένας κόμματος' for a guy:confused:?
  9. Andrious Senior Member

    I don't think that "κόμματος" is used for men.

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