August 5th through August 7th


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I am translating a document for a school, and it says, "After turning in the forms, you will not have to do anything until August 5th through 7th, when all families will be required to come to the school." I am not sure how to translate the last part "5th through 7th."

Despues de entregar los impresos, no tendra que hacer nada hasta el 5 de Agosta....???....cuando todas las familias tendran que venir a la escuela."

I have to read it outloud for a message recording and have no idea how to say that.

GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO (also please excuse lack of accents.)
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    ....lo mal entendí parece que asi lo entenderían mejor:

    no tendra que hacer nada hasta el periodo del 5 al 7 de agosto.....
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    Hello, catracha de corazón, I think it could be "hasta el 5 al 7 de agosto", it sounds a little weird, but it's the best I could do to make it sound good.

    I hope it helps.

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