1. mainflag Senior Member

    Could not locate the translation for this French term...

    The word has now been added to WR dictionary.
  2. Dorian Senior Member

    Vancouver Canada
    Canada English
    According to Collins, "chaplain"

    Le Robert & Collins French/English "Unabridged Senior", with about 2300 pages.
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  3. hardworklowpay New Member

    English, UK
    "Alms giver" or "giver of alms", perhaps? (Not 100% sure)
  4. aurayfrance Senior Member

    France, French, English and Spanish
    Un aumonier est la personne responsable de l'éducation ou de la direction religieuse dans un lycée, une caserne ou n'importe quelle institution:

    L'aumonier du régiment était originaire de Bordeaux.
  5. David

    David Banned

    En anglais archaîque, almoner.
  6. Tremblay Member


    That sounds exactly like a "guidance counselor" in a U.S. high school.
    Hope that helps.
  7. aurayfrance Senior Member

    France, French, English and Spanish
    I think a "guidance counslor" is someone who give advice to the students about their future studies and the choice of their profession (correct me if I am wrong). "Un aumonier" doesn't match this definition. He is a cleric in charge of the religious guidance and studies in a college, a barrack..
  8. Tremblay Member

    You are right in that a guidance counselor helps you plan your future; however don’t take the term too literally. When you are having any type of trouble in school, the guidance counselor is there to help (drop a class, discuss a drinking problem perhaps….). And this could be something that is completely regional and even from one school district to another. I suppose like everything, it depends on the amount of money there is for staffing.

    Believe me; the guidance counselor was a good person to be on good terms with!

    This said, I don’t know how much this equates to the tasks of an “aumonier.”

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