aunaba los universos personales e intransferibles de

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    Entre sus firmas se encontraban algunos de los directores de la ‘nouvelle vague’, la cual, más que conformar una auténtica corriente, aunaba los universos personales e intransferibles de aquellos inquietos y subversivos cineastas, también a través de sus escritos.

    Context: talking about a film publication.

    Some of its contributors were directors from the Nouvelle Vague movement (French New Wave), which rather than shaping/approving an authentic current, brought together the personal and non-transferrable worlds of restless and subversive filmmakers, also via their writings.

    I'm not sure what this sentence is trying to say, really.

    Would appreciate any help!

    Thank you. :)
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    ...rather than being an authentic movement, just put together the personal...

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