aus Großvaters Keller

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    I just found the expression "aus Großvaters Keller" and, although I can't find an explanation in any dictionary or in Google, I think this is some kind of idiom with an specific meaning.
    I don't have much context, just this short sentence: "Ein altes Artefakt aus Großvaters Keller". I'm guessing that it doesn't mean literally that the thing, whatever it was, was taken from grandpa's cellar, but more something like "an old object with little value". Is that right?
    What is the meaning of this expression?

  2. Gernot Back

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    I don't think so: Unlike the famous Leiche im Keller (a skeleton in the cupboard/closet) there is no meaning beyond the literal meaning with grandpa's cellar.
  3. Ampelfrau

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    Galego/Spanish, Spain
    Thanks for your answer, Gernot!
    Sometimes I'm afraid to miss some "hidden meaning" and I guess too much ;)

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