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I can' find the meaning of this word "ausgekübelt" in any dictionary.

The original text is:

"Das jedenfalls wird rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten medial und politisch ausgekübelt, damit zwischen zwei Cholesterinattacken für zwölf Leseminuten die selbstmitleidige Illusion des Innehaltens aufrechterhalten werden kann. "

My feeble attempt of translation:

"that at least right time for Christmas.....either in the media or politically, so that between two fatty food feasts a twelve minutes long of reading retreat for a self-pity illusion can be maintained."

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    English but my first language was German
    you didn't get some of the connections quite right. It's a nice little rant that has bad things to say about everybody:

    This crap will definitely (jedenfalls) be served up by the media and the politicians, just in time (rechtzeitig) for Christmas, so as to maintain our self-pitying pretence of a 12-minute pause (reserved for reading) between two infusions of cholesterol.

    (the our isn't explicitly stated but is clealy intended).
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    That's great translation.

    By the way,this phrase is so timely.

    I'll indulge in my "zwölf Leseminuten die selbstmitleidige Illusion des Innehaltens"

    Thanks.(also to Demiurg)
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