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    Just starting Mitlesen-Mitteilen and the first chapter begins: ...Teilen Sie einer anderen Person im Kurs in drei bis fünf Aussagen mit, was Sie beim Überfliegen des Textes über diese Frau erfahren habe.

    Could somebody please translate this for me please? My dictionary has no entry for the noun Aussagen and I'm not too sure about the first phrase in general.
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    Statements (especially of fact)(Joe goes home); as opposed to questions (Does Joe go home?) and commands (Go home, Joe!).
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    Hello :)

    "Aussagen" is the plural form, as explained by Bernd. Since dictionaries only contain the singular forms of most nouns, you will not find this word in a normal dictionary; you will have to change it to the singular form "Aussage".

    In our WordReference dictionary, however, you can also search for this plural form. It will give you the verb "aussagen", and on the left-hand margin, you can see a list of words that are close to this word. This list includes the nound "Aussage" (in German, a noun is always written with a capital letter), and after clicking on this word, you will find the translation.
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    Doh... thanks :)

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