aussi beau que bon

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  1. Idiha Senior Member

    English - UK
    Hi :)

    The context is a delicatessen with the products all in beautiful packaging

    The french "aussi beau que bon" sounds catchy

    but the English doesnt sound very good:

    As beautiful as it is nice (or maybe tasty since it is food)

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks folks
  2. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english
    A pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds?
  3. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French

    appealing and appetizing as much?
  4. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg Senior Member

    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
    a tasty beauty
  5. Idiha Senior Member

    English - UK
    Merci pour toutes for suggestions! Maintenant j'ai l'embarras du choix :)

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