Australian Bush Tomato

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  1. windybh Member

    I'd like to know how to translate the name of the Australian Bush Tomato, which scientific name is 'Solanum Chippendalei'.

    Is it just : Tomate australiano de monte ?

    Thanks :)
  2. nelliot53

    nelliot53 Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Spanish-[PR]; English-[US]
    O quizás "Tomate de monte australiano".
  3. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    Tomate australiano arbusto or Tomate australiano tipo arbusto.

    I think that bush refers to the type of plant, and in any case australian bush refers to the outback, a large part of which is flat.

    saludos, ala

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