Authentic action

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Mohammad Ali1

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There are boatloads of things to distract us, and no signposts along the way telling us
which direction to go. We’re pressed for time anyway, and usually money, too, so when
we get an inspired idea that pushes at us to make art, we often get stalled and scared and
drop the ball right at our inspiration point. We live between the pull of something that
wants to be created from within us and the terror of what authentic action will mean to
our precariously balanced work, family, and relationship lives.
Source: how to be an artist....

What the meaning of bold sentence in simple terms.
  • lingobingo

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    By “authentic action”, the writer presumably means following his (or her?) artistic instincts – which might be to produce an artwork that’s shocking or controversial in some way. He’s balancing the temptation to do that with the fear that it could have an adverse effect on his private life.
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