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Discussion in 'English Only' started by chinsafer, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. chinsafer New Member

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    Can anyone tell me what the difference between the author and the narrator is? Can I assume that the author dictates the style of the text and the narrator determines the message? Or is it the other way around, or something completely different?

  2. pickarooney

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    An author is anyone who writes a book. A narrator can be someone who reads a story aloud or a character who tells the story within the book.
  3. shawnee

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    Apart from pickarooney's answer, there is also the case where an 'author' writes a book which features a central character through whom the narrative is driven (told). He is called the 'narrator'.
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  4. chinsafer New Member

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    Thank you!
    I think I'm making this too complicated. I'll just remember that the narrator is the one telling the story and not worry so much about intent.

  5. LV4-26

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    In a novel, you sometimes have a character who says "I". That's the narrator.
    Some novels do not have a narrator, i.e. there are only hes, shes, or theys -- except in dialogues, that is.
  6. shawnee

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    Your confusion is justified chinsafer. It is in fact a fine literary point and as such a little subtle. I'm not sure what you were leading to with regards to ' intent.' However, a point of difference between author/narrator that may make it more explicit is where the voice in the story is, on the one hand, the same as the voice of the author(because he/she created it) but the author is also free to give the voice/narrator views and values that he/she does not believe. For instance the narrator could be an uneducated manual labourer while the author is in fact a highly educated person. Feel free to inquire further.
  7. gioJB New Member

    I know that sometimes author and narrator can be the same person when the author is a character and he/she tells the story 'cause he lived it . Often the author isn't a character and one of these tells the story.

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