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    I want to know is there a difference between an authorized distributor and an authorized stocking distributor? How to understand the word "stocking"? Does it mean it should have a warehouse?

    I find such a classification, but still there is no explanantion of the key words used.

    "Octopart classifies distributors into three buckets: Authorized Distributors, Non-Authorized Stocking Distributors, and Non-Authorized Dealers. It is important that buyers understand the differences between them. As a general rule of thumb, if an authorized source is available, you should buy from them.

    Distributor Classification - Octopart "

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Andygc

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    Your link explains what these terms mean. There is no mention of an "authorized stocking distributor".
  3. Seeking truth Member

    Hi, but in the material I am reading, it has such a phrase----"authorized stocking distributor".(all first letters capitalized)
    In this material. it all along uses the phrase "authorized distributor", but in one instance, it becomes "authorized stocking distributor". From the context, it does not refer to any other entity, just the same entity it all the way refers to.
  4. Andygc

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    I would expect "stocking" to mean "holding stock".
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    The addition of "stocking" there (which in my experience would be a bit unusual on a UK website, by the way) means that the distributor carries the items or parts in stock, so that if you order something they will normally be able to dispatch it to you straightaway.


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