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    HI, I´m not quite sure how to translate the phrase "autitos de coleccion". I´ve put the whole sentence below, it´s from an article about a mum whose children have autism and she´s talking about how they played with their toys differently.

    "Me acuerdo que una vez le compré a Matías unos autitos de colección, esos chiquitos, y él lo que hacía era ponerlos uno al lado del otro, por color."

    I remember that I once bought Matías some little collector toy cars, and all he did was put them side by side, according to their colour.

    I got collector toy cars from google translate but I´m not sure this is a phrase we use in english. Does anyone know if there is a specific phrase we use for toy cars like matchbox, or hot wheels cars? I didn´t play with them so I don´t know if there is a collective name for them! I thought about "collectible toy cars", but I think this is a different meaning, I don´t think the cars she bought were necessarily collectible, i.e. valuable.

    I´m really grateful for any help anyone could give me!!
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    Yes, 'autitos' is a diminutive of 'autos'. Though that's not castilian.

    Here we just call them 'coches de juguete'. Not 'cochecitos', nor 'coches de colección'.

    I think it could just be 'toy cars'. When you ask for toy cars, they give you the little toy cars.

    In the sense of 'coches de juguete', it is instrinsic that they aren't collectibles, but you can collect them.

    Definitely not collectible, and denitely not for collectors. Little cars for collectors are 'coches de colección'; they usually are big and in no way related to a little car you could buy in a toy shop.

    And I don't think a mum would buy expensive collector cars for children, so, yes, they are just little toy cars.
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    Thanks for your reply! The text is argentinian so that´s probably why the phrase is different!
    i think you may be right that they are just toy cars. It just sounds awkward to say collector toy cars in english and i don´t think its needed, as you say, it´s implied anyway that you collect them.

    thanks again!
  4. Vugam Member

    Now the issue would be if in England the connotation of 'toy car' is the same as in Spain.

    As I said, here the basic meaning of 'toy car' is a little car, made of plastic and metal. I don't know if in England it would be the same.
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    yeah it is exactly the same meaning in england so i will just go with that. i´m not even sure if i need to put "little" toy car as normally toy cars are little anyway, for children´s little hands!
  6. Vugam Member

    Yeah, definitely. Go ahead with 'toy cars' then!

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