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    Does anybody know the term "auto-conceito"?

    A exigência de uma mobilização constante de um quadro experienciai, a interacção significativa entre as necessidades dos aprendentes e as abordagens temáticas, a construção de uma relação facilitadora do ***auto-conceito***, entre outros, são princípios que assumem o carácter de requisitos mínimos na educação dos adultos.

    The need for constant mobilisation of an experiential framework, the important interaction between the learners’ needs and thematic approaches, ***building a relationship that facilitates thinking for oneself???***, among other things, are principles that constitute minimum requirements for adult education.
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    Eu fui apenas ao google.

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    Thanks again. I searched Burns (1986) and found this title: Burns, R. (1982)."Self-Concept Development and Education", so I guess I'll translate it as "a relationship that facilitates self-concept development"
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    Bom dia,

    I am just learning Portuguese. However, I am fluent in Spanish and can read Portuguese well. If I were to translate that part of the sentence into English, I think I would lean towards:

    ..."building a relationship that promotes self-esteem..."

    I understand that "esteem" may not be the literal translation of "conceito" but I think it captures the sense and meaning of the whole phrase better.

    Just a thought ;)

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