auto-promotion (marketing)


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I'm a bit stuck with the word auto-promotion in the sentence below (in a C.V.):

Fin 2020, elle intègre la direction artistique de France Télévisions au sein du service de l’auto-promotion de France 2.

Here's my attempted translation: At the end of 2020, she joined the arts department of France Télévisions, working for the auto-promotion service of France 3.

(I don't think "auto-promotion" quite cuts it, and I'm sure it's not "self-promotion" either...)

Any suggestions would be most welcome, thanks...
  • Kecha

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    It's cross-channel but internal to the group... That's hard to sum up!
    If you have room, maybe: ... for the service dedicated to promoting France 2 on the other channels of the group.
    You mention the group name (France Télévisions) just before, so I expect it is somewhat clear?