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  1. leobaires New Member

    Hi everybody, How would you say "auto usate a km0", I mean a SECOND-HAND car that has never been driven? Is there an idiomatic expression for it? I can't find anyone. I found "never driven" "zero-mileage" but I need to be sure that the expression fit the context of the used car business. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

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    Hi there,

    What is your full sentence in Italian and the context (is it for an advert, or if not, what exactly)?
  3. Paulfromitaly

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    Hai usato la funzione di ricerca?

    KM. 0 - chilometri zero
  4. leobaires New Member

    Si ho cercato nel forum per trovare threads precedenti. Quello che mi hai suggerito tu riguarda prodotti a km 0 e non macchine con kilometraggio 0

    It is for a used cas dealer website. The full sentence is "Non vi sono rischi, vi sono garanzie offerte ed è facile trovare auto usate a km 0". My try is this, "Buying a used car from a dealer whose automobiles are certified pre-owned is far more reassuring: there are no risks, it provides guarantees and it is easy to find cars that have never been driven" How does it sound??
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  5. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

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    I would just suggest this change "guarantees are provided" - the rest is fine. Cars that have never been driven makes perfect sense to me.
  6. Benzene

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    Italian from Italy
    I suggest "auto usate a km 0" = "second-hand and 0-km cars".


  7. Teerex51

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    Italian, standard
    And, of course, there's always the classic: low miles, owned by a little old lady. ;)
  8. bicontinental Senior Member

    English (US), Danish, bilingual
    ...and another suggestion for AmE speakers, zero mileage used cars.

    A used car that has never been driven? Even a brand new car should have some mileage on it from the test drive, right?;)

  9. leobaires New Member

    Got it! thanks!!!
  10. Jelsah

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    Hi guys
    Just wanted to pick this thread back up again. Apparently in Italy a zero-chilometri car is one sold by a car dealer after being used as a display car for a certain amount of time. As a result, it already has a number plate and has been registered in the car dealer's name, which makes it easier and quicker for transferral to the customer. It usually only has 100 kilometres or fewer and is much cheaper than buying a brand-new one, even though it is almost new. Never heard of this system in England, but I am not a car addict.

    So how about a SEMI-NEW car ? Because it is not exactly second hand either.

    Any ideas for or against?
  11. rrose17

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    Canada, English
    Personally I wouldn't say semi-new, unless you were talking among friends in a self-deprecating way. I've heard what you're describing called a "demo" or longer "showroom floor model".
  12. Jelsah

    Jelsah Senior Member

    British English
    Yes, I agree. DEMO or SHOWROOM-FLOOR model sounds good :)
  13. King Crimson

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    Milano, Italia
    Agree with rrose, the concept of "semi" would be open to interpretation (to say the least), especially in the shady world of used car dealing:D The "showroom floor model" suggested by rrose is a much better option: it conveys the idea of a car that has just been standing still on display and waiting for a customer looking for a "zero-chilometri car".
  14. elfa

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    Bath, England
  15. Jelsah

    Jelsah Senior Member

    British English
    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Very helpful and I completely agree that SEMI NEW was not what I was looking for. SHOWROOM CAR or DEMO CAR were excellent suggestions which I adopted.
  16. MR1492

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    Newport News, Virginia
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    In addition to the Canadians, represented admirably by rrose, I've seen the phrase "showroom car/model" used as well in the USA.


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