automate d'échange minute

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English - UK
i am translating an article about the SNCF automatic ticket machines... the new machines are referred to as "bornes self-service" which i've translated as "self-service kiosks".

does anyone have any suggestions for the translation of the old machines which are described as "automates d'échange minute"?

"automatic ticket machines" ??

it doesn't really convey "d'échange minute" (i'm not sure what that means exactly!)

thanks in advance if anyone can help
  • JeanDeSponde

    Senior Member
    France, Français
    In English, minute usually means small, while, in French, it means instant!
    You simply insert your ticket in the kiosk, and you can usually instantly change it for another departure time.
    Instant exchange kiosks?


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    self-service machines/stands/terminals
    ticket exchange machines/stands/terminals ?

    I'm not sure, but "kiosk" gives me the impression of something quite big and complex, when a "borne" could be quite small.
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