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According to author Nicholas Carr (in The Glass Cage, 2015),
<< Rather than extending the brain's innate capacity for automaticy, automation too often becomes an impediment to automatization. >>.

automatization (English) = automatisation (French)
automation (English) = automatisation??? (French)
automaticity (English) = automaticité (French)

According to Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé dictionary (AUTOMATISATION : Définition de AUTOMATISATION):
automatisation (French) has 2 meanings:
<< INDUSTR. Substitution d'une ou de plusieurs machines à l'homme pour réaliser de manière automatique un programme déterminé d'opérations >>
<< PSYCHOL. Processus permettant d'acquérir un comportement spontané dans lequel la conscience et l'intelligence n'interviennent plus >>
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    Thank you for your message. I think you are asking for the psychological sense to be added for the French term automatisation (which would translate as automatization/automatisation in English), so I'm going to pass this over to our FR base to see if @Lacuzon would like to add it.