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    Does anybody have a good idea for translating "autoridad originaria" in the following context. It's very specific to the Bolivian Altiplano, and it means the leader of the community, within the Andean cosmovision. In Aymara it is Jilakata or Jilak'ata (not sure which).

    "Ejercemos la autoridad originaria por 6 meses y como autoridad originaria estamos representando cualquier emergencia o cualquier evento, por ejemplo,"

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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    I haven't seen the term "autoridad originaria" before.
    "orginiaria" is the adjective of "origen" -> "origin", "source" so I guess it's talking about the first authority a place has ever had.

    I don't know any other meaning of this expression.
    I'm sorry.
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    Como, al parecer, se trata de autoridades tribales es posible que se refiera a que son autoridad originaria (de la etnia originaria autóctona de la región). La frase en español no me parece bien construída porque da la impresión de que representan a las emergencias y a los eventos en lugar de al pueblo. Creo que tendría que decir: representando en cualquier emergencia o cualquier evento.
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    A lot of Canadian indigenous communities talk about "tribal elders", who wield a certain amount of authority; so do chiefs.

    A Bolivian Quechua friend refers to these people as caciques, which again gives the idea of leader or chief. What about indigenous leaders?

    Hope that this gives you a foot in the door.

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