autorisée tout en étant encadrée

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I'm also having problems with this sentence:

La nouvelle loi sur l’audiovisuel public n’a pas eu d’impact sur la gestion de la publicité à Radio France qui demeure autorisée tout en étant encadrée.

My English sentence reads:

The new law on public sector broadcasting hasn't had an impact on management of advertising at Radio France which remains authorised, being completely supervised.

I'm happy with the first part of the sentence, but the doesn't seem correct to me...
any help appreciated!
  • andad

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    If I may, I would like to suggest a modification to Lotuselisa's excellent sentence:

    "The new law ... which remains authorized though under supervision."


    france french
    hello, subtility of languages:

    I find something missing in your translation from french into english :
    qui demeure autorisée tout en étant encadrée.

    unless the word from Andad's message is the answer to my question:
    does tout en = though

    In the idea of the french sentence it is mentioned that the ads remained autorized, but with the condition that they would be supervised
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