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In 'Primavera in anticipo' Laura Pausini sings:
Perché l'autoscatto di noi
Ormai, non prescinde da te.
The only meaning I can find for autoscatto is 'automatic shutter release' or 'self-timer.'
Have I got the correct meaning when I translate this as:
Because our instinctive reaction
Does not disregard you now
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    It's been a couple of hours with no bites, so I'll take a shot and we'll see what happens when the experts awaken.

    HERE's the entire text for those interested.

    I think the hint is in the last line
    "qui fuori nell’autoscatto di noi"
    and when I put "autoscatto" into Google I saw a bunch of pictures of people taking pictures of themselves.:)

    And I wonder if it is "outside of our self-portrait/the portrait we've taken of ourselves".

    Which would imply that your section might mean something like:

    Because our self-portrait
    now/up to now,
    does not detach you
    it's a mutual song.

    (Because the picture of ourselves does not exclude you)
    But of course, I could be all washed up, so...
    now we wait to see what the experts say...tick tock tick tock...

    PS - Her voice is stunning....


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    I'm sorry for answering so late, but I hope my answer will be useful for other people.

    TimLA's supposition about the word autoscatto is correct, but the sentence is obscure in Italian too, because the meaning of the verb prescindere is negative, and, in Italian, a double negation is usually used to strengthen the negation, although, in this case, it's obviously used to affirm.

    Prescindere means to exclude something, not considering something, so that sentence means "Because our self-portrait, by now, doesn't not consider you", which is not only obvious, but dreadful to hear :p

    It probably makes more sense in English than in Italian.

    I usually like Laura Pausini's songs (and voice!), but, to my Italian ears, this sentence seems something like a way to force a rhyme that she couldn't find.