aux améliorations locatives

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USA English
Admissibilité de la XYZ à diverses subventions susceptibles d’être applicables à l’acquisition d’actifs, aux améliorations locatives, aux charges de personnel et à la promotion

Eligibility of the XYZ for various appropriate grants to be used to acquire assets, improve service, and for personnel and growth expenses

Is this the appropriate rendering for "aux améliorations locatives?"

Merci d'avance.
  • bloomiegirl

    Senior Member
    US English
    Squeaksoup, you don't give us the context! So I can't tell if I found something good or not...
    But there's an entry in Proz that gives "leasehold improvements" -- which is, quite frankly, exactly what I thought when I read your thread title. What do others think?

    [Bingo! I just found the same definition in IATE.]
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