aux formes indiquées d'un trait sûr

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Hi again!
DOC: 1907 Museum catalog of ancient Egyptian mirrors. Catalog entry.
CONTEXT: 44079. Disque de miroir. - Bronze. (pl. XIX). L'orante, aux formes indiquées d'un trait sûr, dans sa robe, réduite à un simple contour, s'avance, le corps légèrement incliné vers la déesse, le sein très arrondi, la tête, forte pour le corps, comme dans la réalité, le bras gauche présentant le miroir, l'autre tournant vers Maout la paume de la main dans l'attitude de l'adoration. Perhaps the plate yields some clues?
ATTEMPT: The female worshiper, with the forms indicated by/with a sure/confident/definite lines/strokes, in her robe, reduced to a simple outline, advances, her body slightly inclined towards the goddess, her breast very rounded, her head, high?/strong?/large? for the body, as in real life, her left arm presenting the mirror, her other [arm] turning the palm of her hand towards Mut in the attitude of adoration.
ISSUE: I'm having trouble with more than one part of this sentence -- will open new threads accordingly -- meanwhile, how can I convey the red part?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    I don't think there is a need to translate literally ad it means the forms are, sort of, emphasized. I'd say, "with underlined forms"