Auxiliar Administrativo

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  1. xoxo Senior Member

    México, Español
    How would you say "Auxiliar Administrativo"?

  2. worldsigner Senior Member

    Minnesota, USA
    US - English
    Administrative assistance?
  3. Ainhache Member

    Spanish - Galician
    Administrative assistant
  4. fletxa2001 Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    Tengo mis dudas con que la traducción podría ser "clerk". No por haberlo oído pero por la definición que dan en wordreference.
  5. ariosto byron Senior Member

    Seville (Spain)
    Spain - Spanish
    Yo también lo creo.
  6. fletxa2001 Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    I just talked to an English woman who's been living in Spain for many years and she says that the translation for "auxiliar administrativo" depends on the tasks you are doing in the office. You can be a clerk (pronounced "clark" in Britain and the lowest in importance), or an administrative clerk or even an administrative assistant (with more difficult tasks). So one should live in Britain or U.S.A. to know exactly. In Spain we don't use these divisions, everyone is either an "auxiliar administrativo" or an "administrativo".
    If only someone could tell us.Thanks.

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